Rebellion combines TV and film with almost three decades of games production to open up the possibility of unlimited storytelling with our in-house VFX, motion capture, and virtual production facilities.

Immersive, cutting edge VFX!

We are combining the latest technology and the experience of our top VFX talent to deliver cutting edge and immersive content.

Formed from industry leading visual effects supervisors, artists and developers, Rebellion has expanded its creative content capabilities with the formation of Rebellion VFX.

Based from within its studios, Rebellion VFX offers high quality VFX, CGI and animation services, giving you the capability to deliver on your vision.

vfx team in action

Capture the magic with award-winning mo-cap!

Rebellion’s award-winning motion capture and full performance capture facilities have been an industry leader for two decades and offer a bespoke experience specifically tailored to your projects across film, TV, games, VR, and AR.

Our mo-cap services call upon our team’s in-depth experience on multiple platforms, utilising the very latest cutting-edge technology from Vicon Motion Systems.

Our facilities are equipped with more than 160 Vicon cameras, robust real-time, head-mounted cameras, virtual cameras and full data processing capabilities.

Unleash unlimited storytelling with Virtual Production!

Technology is removing boundaries on creativity and virtual production to give filmmakers the capabilities to realise their vision in new and exciting ways!

With capabilities including full pre-visualisation services, virtual production video wall, green screen and camera tracking, Rebellion is at the forefront of this emerging technology, which promises to take production to a whole new level.

Bringing their extensive experience in games production to bear on TV and film production, our VP team are well placed to take TV and film production further using game engine visualisation, virtual scenes and environment layouts, and real-time rendering.